Howland & Lacey Family Dental

About Us

Photo of Dr. Howland and Dr. LaceyOur office is staffed entirely by Carbon County residents, and we take our ties to the area seriously. With several of our staffers working as part of our team for more than 20 years, you can count on us for the highest level of care available anywhere.

Dr. William Howland, himself a 13-year resident of Lehighton, is married to Suzanne Howland, a Lehighton native who is currently the principal of the Franklin and East Penn Elementary schools. Children Addison and Anna, meanwhile, are students in the Lehighton Area School District. These local ties underscore our commitment to the community; we look forward to treating you for years to come.

Photo of office hallwayAnother indication of our commitment to the region is our recent building expansion. The limited square footage in our original facility inhibited our ability to provide the kind of care that Carbon County residents deserve. Our expansion enables us to care for more individuals in a given day, and to offer services that our patients currently have travel for.

Howland & Lacey Family Dental is outfitted exclusively with A-dec equipment, suppliers of the finest dental chairs, lights, delivery systems, and other equipment. We also work closely with a number of regional specialists. We strive to provide comprehensive care in-house, but certain clinical situations require collaboration with specialists. In these cases we leverage their skill and expertise to complement our own in order to offer superior pediatric dentistry, endodontics, and more.

Practice History

Dr. Jan D. Gulden opened what is now Howland & Lacey Family Dental in 1974 as Jan. D. Gulden DMD PC. The practice grew steadily based on his exemplary reputation, and in 1998 Dr. Gulden sought an associate to join him.

Dr. William A. Howland came to Lehighton in July 1999 with the understanding that as Dr. Gulden transitioned out of the practice, Bill would assume a leadership role.

One of the primary things Bill learned from his mentor was the shift from hospital-based treatment model to a private practice model.

“I learned a great deal from seeing the way Dr. Gulden practiced,” Bill says. “I still see work come in that he did a very long time ago, and that type of quality is something I strive to attain.”

Another of Bill’s goals is to provide that quality care in a non-threatening, comfortable, family environment.

In October 2012, Dr. Howland broke ground on a 3,300 ft2 expansion project. The enlarged facility, opened in March 2013, quadrupled the number of chairs to 12, enabling shorter wait times, an improved ability to accommodate emergencies, and an opportunity to open the practice’s doors to new patients.

Photo of expansion work site
Photo of office hallway

In August 2013, Dr. Howland welcomed Dr. Meredith Lacey, a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. “Dr. Lacey complements my own abilities—she’s someone who will help us increase access to superior dental care.”

Treatment Philosophy

Here at Howland & Lacey Family Dental, we take a different approach to dental care. Because virtually all of us live right here in Carbon County—many in Lehighton itself—you don’t need to worry about seeing unfamiliar faces every time you visit. And because we care for our patients like the friends and neighbors they are, we take a long-term view of our patient relationships.

We understand that with any given case, there are options when it comes to selecting a course of action. We encourage our patients to ask questions and understand those options before we decide—together—on a treatment plan. We do our best to balance affordability, timeliness, and quality, and in many cases we can even discuss being proactive vs. reactive in order to make the treatment plan match your needs.

Drs. Howland & Lacey believe that operating a successful dental practice involves both continuous study and a willingness to stay informed with emerging technologies. As a result, we use leading-edge technology to make diagnosis and treatment as timely as possible. In fact, Howland & Lacey Family Dental has in-house technology that is simply not available in most dental practices. These include:

Photo of CerecCerec MCXL: The Cerec MCXL milling system is truly the leading edge in the production of crowns and veneers. With unrivaled precision and speed, the benefit to our patients is crowns that offer not only superior comfort, but they’re created in hours, not days.

Ivoclar Vivadent Odyssey 2.4G Diode Laser: Odyssey Diode Lasers from Ivoclar Vivadent represent the latest diode laser technology available for soft tissue modification and preventive care. Featuring unique fiber management systems and the newest innovations, the Odyssey Diode Lasers are the most efficient, portable, soft-tissue laser in dentistry today.

Photo of Sterilization Center Sterilization Center: It goes without saying that adequate infection control—as mandated by OSHA guidelines—is a top priority for Drs. Howland & Lacey. In order to provide the highest level of cleanliness, we utilize the M11 sterilization autoclave housed within the A-dec unit, as well as a Statim 5000 cassette autoclave. In fact, our entire sterilization center is open to patient view; you are welcome to watch!

Call us for same-day emergency visit availability (regular business hours only).